• Violations of the code of conduct
  • Breach of ethical norms
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Corruption or other economic misconduct
  • Practices harming the environment.
  • Other misconduct which harms the business, any stakeholders, or the general public.
Welcome to the Flying Elephant whistleblowing portal
Information from a whistleblower can be an important source of information for management, so we encourage anybody with knowledge about unlawful, unsafe, or unethical conduct, to let us know.
Conduct which could be the subject of a whistleblowing includes:
  • Optional: Name and contact details. The whistleblowing can be made anonymously; however, this may make it more difficult to follow it up adequately and it also makes it hard to give you feedback on any action taken.
  • The misconduct described in reasonable detail, including time and place where applicable, and if has happened on many occasions.
  • Information about other people who can contribute information.
  • Any other information as you see relevant.
All whistleblowing is taken seriously and immediately handled in confidence by senior management.
A whistleblowing made in good faith shall never lead to any retaliatory action against the whistleblower.
The whistleblowing should include:
If you do not feel comfortable using the functionality on the webpage, you may submit your whistleblowing on paper through regular mail addressed to the managing director or the chairman of the board.